1968 and 1969 Silverface Fender Bassmans
These are my Silverface Bassmans model AB165. One is a 68, the other a 69. These amps were my main workhorse amplifiers for twenty years, until i bought my Traynor YBA-1A.

In 1980 I bought a Marshall, not quite sure but I think it was a 50 watt 2204 JMP. I was never happy with it, and I understand now that part of the reason was that it had 6550's in it, and not EL34's. It just wouldn't overdrive like I thought it should. I didn't know much about tube amps then. I had owned a Bassman some years before and was always happy with it, so when I saw two SF Bassmans in the original Dirt Cheep Music in Marietta GA in 1984, I traded the Marshall for them.

I rewired my 4x12 to be a stereo cabinet, and ran the Bassmans in stereo with a Boss stereo chorus and a Boss SD-1 overdrive. I was in tone heaven. They sure don't make 'em like this anymore. I have been running these amps pretty much dimed for all these years and the only problem I have had is a burnt power tube socket.

When I started learning about tube amps I did these modifications:
  • Rewire Bias Balance to Adjustable Bias.
  • Replaced all electrolytic caps.
  • Replaced bad turd brown caps with Orange Drops.
  • Replace phase inverter caps with .1 OD's for better low end crunch.
  • Remove Death Cap and replace AC cord with three wire grounded one.
Anyone who knows about Fender amps will have noticed that these amps don't look like regular Silverface Bassmans. I changed the logo and grill cloth to match my Mojo 4x10 cabinet. Don't worry, I kept the old faceplates. I had Danny cut me two new pieces of wood to attach the new cloth and logo to. They can be switched back in a few minutes.

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