Mojotone 4x10 Guitar Cabinet
Mojotone 4x10 guitar cabinet
I got this cabinet from Mojotone online. It is an open backed 4 ten cab with Eminence Vox Bulldog speakers. I think they got the speakers on the closeout market when Vox quit building the AC-15 reissue, which is what had the Bulldog speakers in them.

I love the tone of this thing. It is setup as a hard stereo cabinet, that is, two jacks each to two speakers, 8 ohms per jack or if you run both sides into a single amp 4 ohms. I usually run my Silverfaced Fender Bassman tops into it. It's pretty damn loud. It had a dogbone handle on the top but I had to remove it because the amps wouldn't set level with it there.
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