99 cent footswitch/effect enclosure
When I got my Echoplex it didn't have a footswitch with it. Being a curmudgeonly cheapskate I looked for a way to build one on the cheap. Rummaging around my workshop I found a metal deck support I had gotten at Home Depot for some reason, and after a few minutes work with a hammer and a vice I had my footswitch enclosure. A little digging in my junkbox for a switch and a jack, and I was in business.
The deck materials section at your local home improvement center has a lot of stuff usable for DIY projects. This is a 99 cent 3" X 7" deck plate.
I clamped it in my vise and made two bends on each end. There are already holes in the plate usable for pilot holes for the jack and switch.
At first I just used it as is, but after a time it became obvious that stomping on the switch was bending the metal. So I shaped a couple of pieces of scrap pine for side supports.
For just a jack and a switch there is plenty of room, but if you wanted to put an effect inside it you could use sides that are more narrow to make more room, or even another piece of metal. You could also make the outside bends into inside bends and put a bottom plate on it.

Things like fuzzfaces, loopers, and A/B/Y switches would work fine in an enclosure like this.

Whatever you can shoehorn inside it is worth trying, it's a 99 cent enclosure!!!
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