Coyne Operated Studio
My friend Kevin got me into home recording in the late 90's. He has a studio himself, nice one. I did some recording there and felt I had to have something similar. I started out with a Tascam 424 mkII cassette machine. I did a few recordings where I played all the instruments and programmed a drum machine, and recorded the band I was in at the time at rehearsal. I soon felt that 4 tracks weren't enough.

I started upgrading, and ended up with what you see here, a 16 track setup. The studio gear is in the same room as the band. At first, I regretted not having a separate control room, but I've since grown to like this layout. I can play guitar and run the machines at the same time. (It gets pretty busy doing both at once!!) I have a storeroom I can use as an isolation room for loud guitar amps and the like if I need it.

I've made several recordings of my bands, and several more for friends of mine. I'm no expert, but I like what I turn out.

Here are some pics of my studio gear.
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Regis Coyne's Recording Gear
Regis Coyne's Mixer Desk
Regis Coyne's Multitrack Rack