Tama Superstar drum kit
I am not a drummer or percussionist, and I don't play one on TV. Neither do I know a thing about drums, except they make noise when you hit them. However, I do have a Tama drum kit, and an Alesis SR-16 drum machine. I bought the Alesis for my studio, I use it to write songs and record stuff all by myself. The Drums I bought from my old friend Tony, who could sell ice to eskimos. (That's him in the pic below) Tony wanted to put together a new kit for himself and convinced me to buy his old one. I was skeptical at first but it has been a big success. When Tony came to visit I used to have to scrounge around and borrow drums for him to play, and now I have my own, all set up and ready to play anytime. They are fully miked for recording as well. Also, when I have jam sessions and do studio recording, other drummers love it when they don't have to lug their gear to my house, all they have to do is bring sticks. 

The kit, Tama Superstars:
14"x24" Kick
16"x18" Floor
11"x15" Concert ride
10"x14" Concert ride
9"x13" Concert ride
6"x10" Concert ride
5"x8" Concert ride
6" 1/2"x14" Birch Snare
5"x14" Slingerland Chrome Steel Snare Drum

14" Zildjian China with sizzle
18" Pearl China
22" Sabian "Rock Ride"
18" Soundvader crash/ride
12" Zildjian crash
16" Zildjian crash
20" Paste 505
14" Zildjian Hi Hats
8"  Zildjian splash

Hardware and other stuff:
Tama Iron Cobra Double Bass Drum Pedal
Tama Single Bass Drum Pedal
Remo Weather King heads
Pearl Jam Block, yellow.
LP  Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell
Rhythm Tech DST Drumset Tambourine
Cases for everything
Sticks, of course
Assorted other bullshit in the trapcase that I don't know or care about

Click on the pics for a larger view
Regis's Tama Drum Kit
Regis's Tama Drum Kit
Regis's Tama Drum Kit
Regis's Tama Drum Kit
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