Soundcloud is a band I have been playing with on and off for a long time. SC has been together in some form for over twenty years.

The core personnel are Martin Dowdey on keys and Maynard Staggs on bass. For years, they played annually for a big party put on by their plumber friends at Plumb Works in Atlanta.

They needed a guitarist in 2003 and Maynard asked me to join. We play classic rock and a number of original songs as well. The 2006 line up which was Martin, Maynard, myself, and Steve King on drums, produced and recorded a CD called Down To The Sea. 

When playing live, Sound Cloud plays a majority of cover tunes, but has a large number of original songs as well. We recorded these for the CD. With one exception, Martin and I wrote and sang all of this music. Maynard sings the one cover song, "Rocket 88".

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