Reign is a band I played in in the late 90's. My friend Barry Stone and I wanted to start playing again, and he and I started getting together to write songs. It was originally going to be a recording project, not a steady band but it evolved into one.

We recruited a drummer we had played with in the past but after a few practices he bailed. For a while we scratched our heads trying to figure out where we going to get a good drummer, when one fell into our laps. I was bitching about needing a drummer at work one day and my friend Nelson said he knew somebody. He called Randy on the spot and we agreed to get together.

We played together for about three years, until Barry got called up and had to go to war in Irag. (Yes, he's a hero.) We did three CD's.

I guess you could describe Reign as a Progressive Power Trio. We wrote some pretty good songs, Barry and I. We recorded most of the first CD, "The Return" in my friend Kevins studio, except for the title number which was the first song I did in my own studio. The second CD, "Royal Jam" is a compilation of rehearsal recordings I thought turned out good. "In Serenity's Wake" came from one of those sessions. "Red House" is another rehearsal recording that I thought was worth keeping, give it a listen. "Kingdom's End" was unfinished for years after we broke up, and Randy started bugging me to finish it. It needed vocals and some guitar work, and after we got it done we surprised Barry with it, he was pretty happy.

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