Regis age 17
Regis age 20
Regis age 24
Regis age 28
Regis age 43
Regis age 51
Regis age 16
Here are a few songs I did by myself with a drum machine and a bass, and of course playing guitar. I bought the drum machine and the bass when I got my first multitrack cassette unit so I could capture the songs in my head that I wanted to write. "Test Forever" is the first song I did, an exercise in multitracked harmonies. It's followed by "The Dance", inspired by a women I met at a wedding, and well... we danced. "Bigfoot" was written and recorded on my Tascam digital multitrack setup with my Les Paul Jr in the middle of the night.

I've gotten to the point where I tend to capture musical ideas and snippets as they come into my head with the expectation of developing them into full songs. What I do is just jam on guitar, then find a stock pattern on the drum machine to go with it. "Latin Sunrise" is an example of that. Not a complete song, just 3 or 4 minutes of a musical idea.

To give y'all a chuckle I've posted some pics of me over the years, from a wee lad to the old geezer that I am today. Check them out, and click on the song links to listen to the tunes!!

Regis Solo Recordings
Skinny and 16 years old, at my high school variety show with Tony and Bob. That's an Epiphone ET-270, purchased new for $100.
17 years old, check out the posters on the wall. Playing a Crestwood Les Paul knockoff, I've been looking for one on Ebay.
Very hip, 20 years old. Good God, my old man hated that long hair. Yes, that's a 67 SG and a Blackface Bassman and cab. Please don't ask what I sold them for, I get depressed when I think about it.
24 years young, with my 60 Strat I still own. I got laid a lot in those days. Sigh.
28 years, after I moved to Georgia. Man, I would kill to be that thin again.
Age 43, at Kevins studio doing the first Reign CD. Playing my beloved Strat.
At my 2006 Birthday Jam, age 51. Not so skinny anymore, but I still play pretty good. That's my Garbagecaster I built.
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