I am and always have been primarily a rock guitarist. I've dabbled in other styles of music through the years just to have the ability to emulate certain styles when I need to. I can effect jazz and blues and folk but really never did any country, until now.
I have two friends named Tony: Tony P. here in Georgia and my old friend Tony D. in Michigan. Tony P. came to me several years ago and wanted to play guitars and have me teach him some so he could get better. He likes country music, so I told him why don't we pick a few songs for him to learn and then do a recording project out of it, that would be more fun. That's what we did, and it snowballed from two guys with guitars to a full CD project with bass, drums and steel guitar, called Blackfork.
Tony brought in his friend Tina to sing "Believe Me Baby I Lied", I got Maynard to play bass, I myself played bass on "Two Doors Down", and Tony D. was in town so I drafted him to play drums on that song and also "How Long". Tony P. decided we had to have a steel player so we hired an amazing guy named Mark Van Allen. He added a dimension that brought the whole project to another level, especially in "Two Doors Down".
Here are a couple of pics of me and Tony with Tina when she was in town to do her vocals. I sang backup with her on that song, Tony sang "Big City" and "How Long", and I sang "Two Doors Down".  Click and listen!
          Tina and I doing vocals.

Tony and Tina.
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