Baited Breath is sort of a "Same time next year" band. It consists of myself on guitar and vocals, my old friend Tony on drums, and my friend Gary on bass.

Tony and I have know each other since 1969, we've been playing music together on and off since 1970. He is the best drummer I know. Since I moved to Georgia from Michigan we sadly don't get much chance to play together, usually once or twice a year when we visit each other.

I met Gary in 1992 and he is an amazing bass player. We played together in a band called Interpol back in 1995/96.

Tony and I have a sort of telepathy when we play together, and when we got together with Gary it was magic. Whenever Tony comes to visit I try to get Gary down, and we record what we play. Mostly inprov, covers, and just plain jamming. We've done two CD's, below are three songs selected from them. All the music was done with no fixes or overdubs, except adding my friend Karens vocals on "Higher Ground" a few months after we recorded the music. "Daniel's Axe" is an original I wrote, the other two obvious covers.