Gibson B25
This is my Gibson B-25. It was built somewhere between 1966 and 1973, when I bought it in a pawn shop in Lansing Michigan complete with weather cracks. Then (and now) I was primarily an electric guitar player, although I learned on a Gibson acoustic of my sisters and played an acoustic exclusively for the first three years I played guitar. My sister had taken her guitar with her when she got married and this one was similar to hers. It didn't hurt that it was only $85, after all, I was a poor 17 year old high school student.

The thing I liked about it was that the neck played like an electric guitar neck, with low action. I string it with light gauge acoustic strings, I think .012-.052.

It doesn't have extraordinary tone like other Gibson acoustics, due to the smaller body and adjustable bridge. It was, after all, a student model. It does record very well, I have used it on numerous CD's and it sounds bigger than it really is.

In 1987 I took it to Kent Everett for some badly needed repairs. The nut was broken, it needed a refret and Kent found that several braces had come loose on the inside. I was lucky to have Kent work on it, before he stopped repairing guitars to focus on his luthier skills.

Now, it plays great and sounds great. I did some research and found this page with some info about it. Apparently it is not very collectible, which is all right with me, I have no intention of selling it. It looks to be worth about $500.00, not bad appreciation!!

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